Tracy Isabel Borres’ Statement on Facebook Scandal

Tracy Isabel BorresFilipina college student Tracy Isabel Borres recently interacted with the indigenous Filipino Aeta tribe on an Ateneo de Manila University field trip. She posted nasty things about the tribe on her Facebook page, for only her friends to see. She thought the posts were funny.

One of Tracy’s Facebook friends did not find the posts funny. She found them so unfunny that she took screenshots and circulated them via email. The screenshots are now making the rounds on Filipino mailing lists.

I find Tracy’s posts horribly racist. In fact, I find them so offensive that I will not republish them here. Maybe they were meant to amuse her friends, but they certainly did not amuse me. Nevertheless, I do not condone her friend’s treachery.

I decided to hear Tracy’s side of the story. Here’s her statement.

Yes I am fully aware of the gravity and extent of what is happening right now, but thank you still. =)

Someone stole it from my CONTACTS only account. Sigh sigh. Thing is i know how rude and offensive it sounded but that was because I was expecting it to be read by my friends only who understood a kind of dark quirky humor of mine that really would make other people mad. It was a post meant to be comical for my friends to laugh at… (exaggerated rudeness and ditzy-ness, although still not with some truth to it of course, i am not excusing my insensitive usage of words but hey! its funny WITH/FOR my friends!) then of course it leaked. Sigh sigh.

I am just waiting for this to blow over (as typical ‘internet sensations’ usually do), because seriously. People, focus on real issues not on some spoiled sheltered girl. Haha.

if anything, i would rather you forward my reply to the email. =)

i mean really. there are so many ppl out there who are just so ready and willing to jump at every and any opportunity to add insult to injury bec it will be inconsequential to them anyway without knowing the premises or without any sense of discernment whatsoever. i mean betrayal for leaking my entry by someone i knew was bad enough right? so now its like i cracked a yo momma joke and everyone thinks i want to kill their momma! hahaha oh sigh sigh.

again, thank you for your concern. =)

If I were Tracy, I’d either watch what I say or scrub my friends list. People whine all the time about privacy on the Internet — but no privacy protocol can survive a breach of trust.

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  1. yoru says:

    haha sigh sigh haha sigh sigh

  2. insek_kupal says:

    i still hate her but will finally forgive if she “leaks” out more bikini or nude photos

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