Obama Says Internet Will Save America

Every percentage point increase in broadband adoption creates 220,000 jobs. US President-Elect Barack Obama clearly understands that correlation. In his video address this weekend, Obama reveals that his economic recovery plan involves raising broadband penetration. Since his plan aims to create 2.5 million jobs, he’s probably targeting a twelve percent increase in broadband adoption.

If Obama can convince Congress that the Internet will help save America from recession, then I can’t wait for Inauguration Day.

(Via Lidija Davis.)

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3 Comments on “Obama Says Internet Will Save America”
  1. SHURA says:


  2. Problem is this, for every broadband connection is connected through any telephone services companies. As Internet founder Cerf concerned about those connections are not given directly by government. AT&T in US, BT (British Telecommunications) in UK, Nortel from Norway to Sub continent countries, 3 Mobile from Australia, BSNL from India., Those telecommunications are more profited, through cables or using their communications equipments supplying the internet.

    Each and every government should regularise the Internet connection. Internet should used by everybody. For free Internet we are paying so much of money. We are ready to pay to the government about 40%-65% to giving the connection & Maintenance cost.

    From the name of Internet so much of money has been corrupted from people.

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    Looks like Obama’s backing up his words with dollars. $6 billion of his stimulus package is going into broadband expansion. 🙂

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