YouTube Opens Up Sponsored Videos

YouTube Sponsored VideosRemember those sponsored videos we’ve been seeing beside YouTube search results for months now, the ones YouTube confirmed last month? Now your video can be one of them. Ordinary YouTubers can now buy keyword-based advertising for their videos in YouTube search results on a cost-per-click basis.

YouTube is tapping into a Long Tail revenue stream from its own creators. Never mind the human desire for fame or the corporate desire for brand exposure on the world’s biggest video-sharing site. With selected YouTube partners getting revenue shares for ads beside their videos, advertising on YouTube SERPs becomes a straightforward matter of CPC costs versus CPM revenue. On both sides of that equation, YouTube makes money.

Publishers have been promoting their nonvideo content in SERPs for years, primarily through Google AdWords. In this regard, YouTube is harnessing the experience of their corporate parent Google. Now ordinary YouTube creators will discover the fine art of search advertising.

(Image via Greg Sterling.)

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