Five Years of Delicious Tagging

DeliciousDelicious really brought social bookmarking and tagging to the mainstream, so I honestly wish its fifth birthday came under better circumstances. I still remember when it went by the adorably geeky name I still remember smiling when founder Joshua Schachter quit his day job to pursue his crazy little project full time. I still remember cheering when Schachter’s entrepreneurial gamble paid off, when Yahoo bought Delicious.

In the three years since Yahoo acquired it, Delicious has seen its founder sidelined, its brand diluted, its mindshare diminished, and its design dumbed down.

Hell, Yahoo Buzz competes with Delicious. It’s peanut butter all over again.

I honestly hope Delicious continues to bring folksonomic fire to the cavemen for another five years — but given Yahoo’s woes, I sincerely doubt it. I’ve long switched to Google Reader and Digg for my bookmarking needs. None of the bloggers I know aim for the front page of Delicious; to them, it’s all about the Digg.

In fact, as I was entering the tags to this post, I typed Digg instead of Delicious. That’s how much mindshare they’ve lost with me. That’s what happens when you try to get too mainstream while disenfranchising the geeks who built your business.

Wish Delicious a happy fifth birthday. The way things are going, it could be their last.

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