Windows 7 is… 6.1?

Windows 6.1And here we were all hoping Windows 7 would signal a return to simplicity. Now Microsoft says Windows 7 is actually Windows 6.1. That’s the version number that appears in the code, even though the version number on the box is 7.

Microsoft claims the convoluted version numbering ensures backward application compatibility. Vista is 6.0, and apparently using 7.0 in the code would break a lot of Windows applications. “Windows 7” is just a dumbed-down version number for marketing purposes.

If you have to show two different version numbers to your developers and customers, then you have serious problems wrangling your developer community. Call it 6.1, call it Vista SE — but please don’t treat your customers like idiots who can’t do decimals. Even Apple doesn’t do that, and their products are designed to be idiotproof.

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5 Comments on “Windows 7 is… 6.1?”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Yup, looks like Vista. 😛

  2. John says:

    While I understand your point about the naming deal I think its because they want to distance themselves from the stigma of Vista. Although tech people will know better in the end they will buy it if they want/need it regardless of the new name. While the average consumer will think cool a new windows hope it will be better then vista instead of oh vista se big deal why upgrade. I read some other articles commenting how they try to avoid even mentioning vista in their tv commercials more proof they are trying to leave thoughts of vista behind. True it still looks alot like vista but I like some of the small tweaks and interface changes they have added. I like the new taskbar I think it will give the desktop a more clean look to it (no more need for 3rd party dock software) and it said to require 50% less memory then vista and can run on netbooks so I will finally be able to upgrade my Dell laptop from XP. So while it does look like vista alot of changes are under the hood.
    Note: not a Windows fanboy I typed this from a macbook :p

  3. mae says:

    what a beautiful windows, is there a lot of people can i meet here?

  4. freddyzdead says:

    Why is it so unobvious to so many ppl that Seven is just Vista with a coat of paint?
    Maybe the average computer user really is as moronic as Microsoft seems to think.
    Personally, I don’t want to be forced to organize my stuff into libraries, I don’t want all the OS functionality to be hidden away or even taken away from me. XP was bad enough with its Fisher-Price UI, but Windows 7 is only a marginal improvement on Vista: the dumbing-down is just as bad, and of course, all the Vista DRM is still intact.

    I’ve been using 7 for several months now, and I’ve had it. I’m going back to Server 2003 where I can do what I want quickly and reliably.

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