Firefox Mobile Coming Within Weeks

Firefox MobileI browse the Web on my phone through Nokia’s browser, which is fast and efficient for surfing on the go. On the desktop, however, I mostly use Firefox for its extensibility.

I would love to have that same extensibility on my phone browser. That’s why I’m happy to hear that the first Firefox Mobile alphas could arrive within weeks. According to Mozilla CEO John Lilly:

We want to make sure that the Web on mobile is more like the Web than what the mobile industry offers today, which is closed, separate networks and not a very good information-getting experience for the user. The first thing is to bring Firefox to mobile devices. We’re working on that, and we’ll see some alphas in a few weeks.

Your mobile phone is one of the most personal devices you own. That’s why phone personalization is a huge industry, from ringtones to casings to wallpapers to apps. As we use our phones to surf the Web more and more, expect another avenue of phone personalization to explode with the release of Firefox Mobile: browser plugins.

(Mockup by Dan Warne.)

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