Google 2001: Who Were You?

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Google 2001

Now this brings back memories. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Google has posted a version of itself as it was in 2001. Why not 1998, the year of their foundation? Apparently, 2001 is as far back as their index is accessible.

Just how far back does this time warp take us? Consider this: today’s Google lists otaku idol Shoko Nakagawa 103,000 times. In 2001, she appeared exactly twice. Of course, some people got a head start: Italian cosplayer Francesca Dani, who appears 35,100 times in today’s Google index, already appeared 92 times in 2001.

Today, search rules the Web, and the Web rules the world: if you cannot be searched, you do not exist. What did Google think of you in 2001? Did you even exist seven years ago? Go do an ego search in the time machine and see for yourself.

(Via Philipp Lenssen.)

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