Your Web Site is Your Business

I still see too many Filipinos — even some prolific Filipino bloggers — treat their web sites as some sort of afterthought to their “real” businesses. For those people, allow me to quote Avery Brooks in this IBM ad from 2000: Your web site is your business.

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2 Comments on “Your Web Site is Your Business”
  1. jay-al V. says:

    yeah,yeah business is ur website….

    tt’s because ur own ego will be directly exposed…..

    depends on the individual’s impression or you could say…..


    sarili mong information, sarili mong impression…

    ang akin lng…..

    it’s better to have a back up……

    baka kc makasagi ka u know….

    but then again…..this is after all….

    a peered knowledge….

    nice man!!!!……

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