YouTube Creators Buying YouTube Search Ads?

YouTube Promoted Videos in Search Results

If you’re in the US and you’ve been running searches on YouTube lately, you may have noticed a change in the ads next to the search results. Those ads now feature promoted videos from YouTube creators.

YouTube Promoted Videos in Search Results

The ads seem keyword-targeted: different promoted videos show up for different keywords. Google’s bread and butter is keyword-targeted search advertising via AdWords. If these ads work the same way, then YouTube creators are themselves bidding on YouTube search keywords. Apparently, not every creator can do this: I can’t buy search ads for my own videos, and probably neither can you.

Having YouTube videos in YouTube search ads seems like a natural progression, but it has interesting implications for all involved.

1) YouTube partners can now use the same keyword advertising techniques so familiar to AdWords-using AdSense publishers. Since partners take ad revenue shares from their own videos, the game becomes keyword ad spend versus resulting video ad revenue.

2) Marketers on YouTube who create videos to promote their own stuff can now get Long Tail keyword advertising on YouTube. A costly front page feature is no longer their only option; now they can get cost-effective CPC search ads for their videos, as well. This means more money for YouTube and more opportunities for marketers.

3) YouTube of course gets a whole new revenue stream from its own video creators. Furthermore, while text ads seem out of place in YouTube SERPs, promoted videos look far more clickable within that mouse-potato context. Expect these promoted videos to get a much better CTR than text ads. Promoted videos also keep visitors within YouTube, creating ad revenue without sacrificing stickiness.

Search advertising is huge across the rest of the Internet. It could be huge within YouTube, as well.

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3 Comments on “YouTube Creators Buying YouTube Search Ads?”
  1. nalts says:

    Nice piece. I found a good post on SEO tips for your videos. Search is still the smallest driver of my views, but that’s going to change over time I think. Just like text.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    YouTube just confirmed the search ads. Took them long enough. 🙄

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