iPhone Girl Should Be Chinese Ellen Feiss

Between Chinese labor practices and Steve Jobs’ perfectionist whitewashing, this girl will probably lose her job. Let’s help her out and give her fifteen megabytes of fame. A new iPhone shipped to the UK comes with adorable photos of the Chinese girl who made it. If Apple PR is smart, they’ll spin this into a […]Click here to continue reading "iPhone Girl Should Be Chinese Ellen Feiss"...

iPhone Girl Should Be Chinese Ellen Feiss

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12 Comments on “iPhone Girl Should Be Chinese Ellen Feiss”
  1. BrianB says:

    Posted her too on my site. But if you’re Apple or Hon Hai you would never encourage this sort of behavior, and you know that if you put her up on a pedestal more employees will follow suit.

  2. Dave says:

    Foxconn Technology Group in GuangDong Province, who manufactures the iPhone for Apple has already dismissed this girl but won’t name her. Most of the workers in southern China are “imported” from other provinces (from the country side) and typically make minimum wage ~around 1,900RMB per month (about $280USD per Month) and usually live 6 or 8 to a bunk-bed filled room in company dormitories withot hot water in the comunal shower. Boys stay home to work the family farms and girls go to the city to work in factories until they marry. Many internet users here in China are also trying to find this girl and have already voted her the most beutiful worker in China, they are pressuring the company for her name. If she has access to the internet, which migrant workers usually don’t, she’ll probably be found soon. Send me an e-mail if you want me to forward her name when it comes out.

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    Thanks for the update, Dave! I just sent you an email. Hope we find her! 🙂

  4. Yaozhen says:

    hi Dave, are u chinese also? you know quite well about china.

  5. Spring says:

    She is cute, isn’t she? I really love her innocent_baby_like smiling face.

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