4chan DDoS Suspect Video

The 4chan community now suspects sixteen-year-old hacker Joseph Biaso, alias “pacifico”, of DDoSing the popular imageboard. Enraged and resourceful, they’re now posting his personal information across the Web.

In response, Biaso taunted 4channers on his YouTube account, verifiying the information. Perhaps upon realizing that he could go to jail for what he’s done, he closed his YouTube account mere hours after his taunt.

Since it will probably be used in his trial, here’s the video of Joe Biaso taunting 4channers on YouTube.

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47 Comments on “4chan DDoS Suspect Video”
  1. Moochie says:

    my business has gone down because of the ddos!

  2. JDL says:

    I went to school with this kid, we used to be friends, until he started trying to do shit to my computer. That’s crazy to hear that he took down 4chan.

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