Guild Wars Idea: Characters as Heroes

Guild Wars Characters

ArenaNet plans changes to the Guild Wars Hall of Monuments to encourage multicharacter play. This of course makes business sense, because it will sell more character slots.

Here’s an idea that will sell even more character slots. How about letting players use other characters on the same account as Heroes? Livia, Tahlkora, Gwen, Xandra, Jora — sure, they’re great eye candy to bring to a party, but I’d also like to bring my own homebrew eye candy.

To prevent imbalance, a character would have to be level 20 to bring other characters as Heroes. Conversely, characters would have to be level 20 before they can be used as Heroes. PvE characters could only use other PvE characters as Heroes.

Personalization is a huge motivator in MMOs. Enabling players to bring not one, but four player-created characters into a party would multiply that personalization fourfold. I, for one, would love to bring my own cast of homegrown characters into one big battle.

How about it, ArenaNet? Can my characters come together and party?

Mike Abundo on Xfire

(Thanks to Jerry Polence for the idea!)

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2 Comments on “Guild Wars Idea: Characters as Heroes”
  1. tai says:

    I love guildwars and its nice u feature it once in a while kudos to u mike

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Good to see ArenaNet finally implement this. Enter the Mercenary Heroes. 😀

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