Alodia as I-No

Dammit, I cannot believe I missed this! Besides getting mobbed as a sword-wielding schoolgirl at ToyCon 2008, Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao also portrayed Guilty Gear’s I-No onstage. (Photo by Dan Reyes. BY-NC-SA.)Click here to continue reading "Alodia as I-No"...

Alodia as I-No

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17 Comments on “Alodia as I-No”
  1. qtbird's says:


  2. qtbird's says:

    aw cute talga ni aloida i was crazy in firstime to see him parang nasa alapaap para voices cracker hehehe

  3. qtbird's says:

    sana mameet ko cya or ma date lng masaya na ako eat fishball na kasama siya hmmpp

  4. Anonymous says:

    hindi bagay. Sori. May boobs si I-no. Malaki. It’s part of her character.

  5. Anonymous says:

    costume is inaccurate and her face doesn’t suit the character

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