U Mobile Ads Worth Only a Penny

U Mobile

Juned Sonido points out that each ad from U Mobile will give customers only 50 centavos (~$0.01) of prepaid load. To even approach the ad-suppported monthly load cap of PhP350, a customer would need to receive twenty-three ads a day.

The world’s most successful ad-supported cellular service, Blyk, gives customers PhP528.75 worth of monthly service for viewing up to six ads a day. At this rate, each ad from Blyk gives customers at least PhP2.93 (~$0.07) worth of service.

U Mobile

The time and effort it takes you to grab your phone and delete an ad is probably worth more than a penny. Unless they offer a better deal, I won’t be switching to U Mobile. That’s too bad — I was genuinely excited about the service.

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