Facebook is Boring

The problem with Facebook is that it’s still stuck in a Web 1.0 mindset: stickiness, stickiness, stickiness. They only half-embrace the widgetization ethos of Web 2.0: data comes in, but it doesn’t come out. The thing is a rat hole, and you can’t get anything out of it.

You won’t believe how much time I waste manually retyping party invites from Facebook to Google Calendar. Now I hear Facebook has actually banned Google Friend Connect. Mark Zuckerberg is determined to make your life harder just so you spend more time on his site.

Ultimately, Facebook’s rat hole strategy will reap massive backlash in the form of sheer user boredom. When you’re trapped in a rat hole, you feel obligated to scurry about like the rest of the rats, whether you want to or not. Obligation makes even the most varied activities boring. Hence this song, I’m Getting Bored of Facebook.

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5 Comments on “Facebook is Boring”
  1. Migs Tantoco says:

    Ahhh… I’ve seen you’ve done it Mike. You’ve opined yourself into total irrelevance. COngrats! I knew you’d do it one day (but so soon?!?)



  2. Carlo Cruz says:

    Come to the dark side, join facebook. We have oreos over here.

    Great catching up with u at UMobile launch mate.

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    Great meeting you too, Carlo! Your magic tricks are awesome!

    I’m still testing the Hell out of U Mobile. How’s it working for you?

    I have no choice but to be on Facebook — so many party invites! Nevertheless, I really think data portability is the next big thing in social networking. 🙂

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    That’s a real time-saver! Thanks, Hans! 🙂

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