Gaming Startup Nabs Top Philippine Gaming Blogger

JC Cuneta

Congratulations to casual gaming startup EagleGame on hiring top Philippine gaming blogger JC Cuneta, previously of Lineage II Southeast Asia publisher AMDG. JC started work yesterday.

JC serves as Community Manager for EagleGame’s first release, online dancing game HighStreet 5. True to form, JC’s putting the game all over the Web — from Blogspot to Jaiku to Twitter to MyBlogLog to Ning to Flickr to YouTube.

Wonder how a top Philippine gaming blogger can be coaxed from something as epic as Lineage II to something as casual as HighStreet 5. EagleGame, a subsidiary of a Singaporean game developer Netelusion, must’ve made a pretty attractive offer.

(Photo via JC. BY-SA.)

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3 Comments on “Gaming Startup Nabs Top Philippine Gaming Blogger”
  1. Siege says:

    that’s great news. Congrats, JC!

  2. Mistervader says:

    For a moment there, I was worried the guy was arrested (“nab” connotes as much to me). Congratulations for him are in order, then.

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