Guild Wars Sells Five Million

Two nights ago, I stood at the exact spot where my first Guild Wars character spawned almost three years ago. I was delighted to find new characters just keep on spawning at that exact same spot, ready to discover the game anew.

That’s why I’m delighted to hear that, as of today, Guild Wars has sold over five million units. Sure, it doesn’t have World of Warcraft’s ten million subscribers, but I’ve never been one to go with the crowd. Guild Wars’ highly modular gameplay lets even a busy guy like me play an online RPG. Congratulations to ArenaNet on serving gorgeously immersive experiences to millions of busy gamers.

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15 Comments on “Guild Wars Sells Five Million”
  1. issai says:

    currently installing guildwars as I type. gw factions platinum edition eye of north expansion… am i missing one more expansion?

  2. issai says:

    ooohh… it has 14 day 10 hr trial codes, anyone interested?

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    The other two campaigns are Factions and Nightfall. You can get those later.

    Let me know your in-game name once you’ve created your character. Welcome to Guild Wars, Issai! 🙂

  4. issai says:

    I’m still trying to figure out which profession i like. But will update ya. I actually have the factions campaign, i guess I only need nightfall. it’s so hard to get used to the controls especially after playing wow for a long time.

  5. Mike Abundo says:

    You’ll get the hang of it. There’s nothing like the thrill of spamming six-skill combos on hapless opponents. 🙂

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