Guild Wars Canthan New Year 2008

Guild Wars Canthan New Year

Right after the Chinese New Year, Guild Wars players celebrate the Canthan New Year. My primary character hails from the Europe-inspired continent of Tyria, but he’s always ready to party on any continent. Here he is, wearing a lion mask and Asian-inspired Luxon armor, enjoying a fireworks-lit feast at Shing Jea.

Guild Wars Miniature Celestial Rat

To welcome the Year of the Rat, I got a miniature celestial rat. Here it is, third from left, displayed with some of my other miniatures.

From whimsical quests to rollerbeetle racing, check out some of the Canthan New Year 2008 festivities. Kung hei fat choi, everyone!

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2 Comments on “Guild Wars Canthan New Year 2008”
  1. exia 00 says:

    OH MY I DIDNT SLEEP THE WHOLE WEEKEND>. doing quest like crazy trying to get that celestial rat( from those lunar fortune thingies).. so lucky mike T____T unlucky me.. But it was fun.. did it in like couple of districts

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    You’re not alone, Exia. Chat was flooded with players relating how they opened hundreds of lunar fortunes without getting a rat. Guess I got lucky.

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