Marimar Hot on YouTube?

If you need any more proof that YouTube is huge in the Philippines, check out one of today’s most discussed YouTube videos.


Wonder how much money GMA’s leaving on the table by not partnering with YouTube or collecting royalties via video ID. Just hope they don’t get stupid and copyright-troll like ABS-CBN.

If anyone from GMA’s reading this, YouTube is owned by Google. Go ask Google Philippines Country Consultant Aileen Apolo for more info on how you can profit from all this.

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11 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “Marimar Hot on YouTube?”
  1. asfdsfd says:


  2. CoCaFire says:

    Poor GMA7… Not only are they paying attention too much covering themselves after that whole rant about ratings, but they aren’t following the MONEY where its AT! Theres one thing about pride and theres just being stubborn to the very end. I mean why let the efforts of their mindless drones go to waste? Constantly posting about a show like that to get attention and they can’t get anything out of this ordeal? I guess greed has its limits… as long as you are believe in the oblivious.

    • Zaido_Rest_in_Peace says:

      and also u forgot 2 mention that most of Pinoy TV nowadays r pure nonsense and they even don’t have any moral values whatsoever.

  3. kat says:

    hindi o kc napanoo yng marimar pwed bng vie sa comp…. tong friday feb.22 thnx

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