Naomi Cheung Plays Guild Wars

Naomi Cheung

After Maria Ozawa, I just spotted another hot Asian babe who plays Guild Wars: Chinese-Japanese model Naomi Cheung. She has over fourteen characters. Here are four of them — an assassin, a mesmer, a ranger, and a ritualist — posted on her MySpace profile:

Naomi Cheung’s Guild Wars Characters

Here she is line-dancing in-game, second from the right:

Naomi Cheung Dancing in Guild Wars

She’s also looking to do an in-game dance video. Hey, Naomi, I’m game. Send me your in-game name so I can hook you up with one of my female characters.

Now I have even less reason to switch to WoW. As if she weren’t geeky enough, Naomi enjoys anime too. She’s even considering cosplay.

(Photo via Import Creation.)

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6 Comments on “Naomi Cheung Plays Guild Wars”
  1. Exia00 says:

    anyways her last name doesnt sound very japanese

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