Alodia and Tricia as Schoolgirls

The Japanese sailor fuku should become the standard girls’ uniform in Philippine schools. When you see Filipina gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao and photographer Tricia Gosingtian dress up as schoolgirls, you know it’s the best way to go.Click here to continue reading "Alodia and Tricia as Schoolgirls"...

Alodia and Tricia as Schoolgirls

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15 Comments on “Alodia and Tricia as Schoolgirls”
  1. anonymouse says:

    i don’t believe it’s feasible to wear a japanese fuku in the philippines since

    1 — women who are commuting will have a hard time riding a jeepney and tricycles with that short a skirt

    2 — and of course, majority of the college and high school students nowadays are commuting because of traffic

    men would likely try to lift the skirts of the students just to see the underwear

    and besides, there is a school who has a sailor fuku uniform already — though the skirt is not that short.

  2. CoCaFire says:

    I agree on the zettai ryouiki.

  3. On one hand, zettai ryouiki no doubt.

    The downside of seifuku is, besides the typical attendant sexual harassment, the sale of pocket mirrors (to be inserted on a horny boy’s shoe) will balloon.

    We’d rather have the Lillian Jogakuen outfits for our young ladies instead. XD

  4. blackdoll says:

    i agree.. philippine uniforms are too old-fashioned and really boring..
    can’t they think of new designs? …
    and this girl alodia, rocks, ive seen her photos on the internet and i voted for her
    for the Levi’s Kawaii Girl contest… im glad she won

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