PayPal Sends Money to the Philippines!

Oh my God. This is the gamechanger. Philippine PayPal users can now receive money. Let that sink in for a second. Rural Filipinos can now sell their towns’ products directly to the world over eBay. Talented Filipina babes can become the next Happy Slip by posting their videos on Revver. The Philippines — indeed, individual […]

PayPal Sends Money to the Philippines!

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50 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “PayPal Sends Money to the Philippines!”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Here’s a new way for people to make PayPal revenue through video embeds: AdHoc. I’ll be trying this myself over the next few days. 🙂

  2. Reston says:

    Mike, thanks for mentioning one way of earning revenue online.

    Here are a few more sites where you can earn money:

    1. Squidoo
    Historical Adsense Payouts, Buying and Selling lenses, Affiliate payouts and more make up the mountain of ways you can make a few bucks using Squidoo. For more details on how you can monetize your contributions to Squidoo, refer to this page:

    2. Metacafe
    Metacafe has a reward system that contributors can avail of called Producer Rewards program. It rewards contributors for creating and submitting great videos. If your video has what it takes to entertain people, Metacafe will license it and pay you for every view. Every time someone watches your video on Metacafe, you earn money.
    Metacafe will pay you $5 for every thousand views. Payment starts after your video reaches 20,000 views and has a rating of 3.00 or higher. On top of that, the license to Metacafe is a non-exclusive deal – you retain ownership of your video. Metacafe helps build your brand by marketing your content and making you money. There are well over 1 million unique users per day watching over 400 million videos every month at metacafe. For a video to qualify for Producer Rewards, you must own all the rights to the video and the video must meet certain content guidelines. Read here for details:

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