Alodia Performs FF7 Fight Theme at UGG

We last saw Filipina gamer babe Alodia Gosiengfiao perform the Final Fantasy VII fight theme at home. Now she performs it on stage at the U Got Game convention. This time, she doesn’t stop to fix her hair. If this girl plays her games like she plays her music, Arthas Menethil will have much to […]Click here to continue reading "Alodia Performs FF7 Fight Theme at UGG"...

Alodia Performs FF7 Fight Theme at UGG

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7 Comments on “Alodia Performs FF7 Fight Theme at UGG”
  1. The Green Minded says:

    does anybody know her bust size? I’m planning to buy her a lingerie set for Christmas.

  2. issai says:

    hmmmm… i’ll race with her to see who can defeat the lych king first… hehe… well, at least until my son comes to the US, then goodbye WOW for me…

  3. Green Mind says:

    Is Alodia still a virgin? If she is, I would like to be the one who would devirginize her.

  4. seraphim9 says:

    Beautiful music from an exceptionally beautifully crafted game played by a phenominaly gorgeous beauty

  5. wow super cool and super cute

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