Alodia Performs FF7 Fight Theme at UGG

We last saw Filipina gamer babe Alodia Gosiengfiao perform the Final Fantasy VII fight theme at home. Now she performs it on stage at the U Got Game convention. This time, she doesn’t stop to fix her hair.

If this girl plays her games like she plays her music, Arthas Menethil will have much to fear from her World of Warcraft blood elf priestess. Perhaps she will become the first Filipina to defeat the Lich King.

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7 Comments on “Alodia Performs FF7 Fight Theme at UGG”
  1. Kamen Rider Honou says:

    @Green Minded

    Ang kapal din naman ng mukha mo ano? Babastusin mo yung tao, babae pa. Dapat diyan sa ari mo pinuputol tsaka sinusunog.

    Ay hindi, hindi na pala dapat putulin.


  2. carloaccount says:

    wtf! that was AWESOME!

    never knew someone so pretty can do that. amazing

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