Ex-Mobius Prez Joins Yahoo

In February, Mobius CEO Scott Countryman unsuccessfully tried to sell his company to Yahoo. The price: less than 10% of Mobius for $1.25 million. Considering that my blogs make more money than Mobius’ entire EVE Online Southeast Asia service, I don’t blame Yahoo for passing up Scott’s offer. Instead of buying the whole company, Yahoo […]Click here to continue reading "Ex-Mobius Prez Joins Yahoo"...

Ex-Mobius Prez Joins Yahoo

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10 Comments on “Ex-Mobius Prez Joins Yahoo”
  1. Mika Abundo says:

    You are such a loser .. and get your facts straight!

  2. JYoung says:

    Mike, you are the freaking roadkill of blogs. people just have to look ‘coz we have to be grossed out every now and again. You suck.

  3. mars says:

    mu online game is not a good example for the youth, we are asking to blocked mu online game in the entire philippines. Vulgar words are used, read by the children ages 10-17 how come that mu online personnels dont notice this kind of environment .and because of this we are calling the attention of the president of mayors league to make some move on this.

  4. Duper says:

    less than 10% of Mobius for $1.25 million???? Is he on crack? thats too much money for horribly run company that could not get their acts straight.

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