Ex-Mobius Prez Joins Yahoo

Yahoo SEA

In February, Mobius CEO Scott Countryman unsuccessfully tried to sell his company to Yahoo. The price: less than 10% of Mobius for $1.25 million. Considering that my blogs make more money than Mobius’ entire EVE Online Southeast Asia service, I don’t blame Yahoo for passing up Scott’s offer.

Instead of buying the whole company, Yahoo just got one of the best parts. Jojo Anonuevo, who resigned as President of Mobius in June, joins Yahoo as senior director of business development for Southeast Asia. Good for Yahoo — Jojo’s a customer-focused straight-talker with good ideas and great vision. Having served with Oracle before joining Mobius, Jojo’s got experience to boot. Level Up should’ve pirated this guy when they had the chance.

“Having the Philippines as part of my remit is also a great opportunity to address the benefits of the Internet for my fellow Pinoys. Yahoo has adopted a Filipino-centric business approach in my native country and I will look to help Yahoo expand on that vision,” says Jojo on his new job. Yahoo’s in the middle of an enterprise-wide soul-searching; Jojo can definitely them find their soul here in Southeast Asia.

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10 Comments on “Ex-Mobius Prez Joins Yahoo”
  1. why hire a guy who sucked running a company he owns

  2. Lawl says:

    If your a parent why will you let your son/daughter play the game if you know there are vulgar words? are you a stupid parent? You dont need to seek the help of government of sympathy of public because I bet you yourself is playing this. Oh by the way, maybe your the one who have been blocked, and or you have been harrased by other players because your stupid like mike

  3. Lawl says:

    And oh By the way, ever heard of Libel? I wonder when will mobius cast this word against your articles. time to screenshot all your articles.
    your going down

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    Have fun screencapping, Lawl. 🙂

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