GMA to Destroy Shaider

Philippine TV network GMA is about to make their own version of the tokusatsu classic Shaider. The genius director they’ve chosen for the job? Dominic Zapata, the same guy who ripped off Sailormoon and denied it. The show will replace GMA’s short-lived Indiana Jones/Lara Croft double ripoff Asian Treasures. Oh yeah, all this rehashing and […]Click here to continue reading "GMA to Destroy Shaider"...

GMA to Destroy Shaider

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1,543 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “GMA to Destroy Shaider”
  1. alvin says:

    alvin totoo ba ito balita yun kamen rider decade hanggang episode 30 lang awts D:< well laki gulat ko nakita ko ito

  2. x215 says:

    opssss sorry alvin kamali ako lagay ng pagalan ko iam very sorry T^T

  3. wala yan says:

    hahaha ay tanga ka x215 kamali ka lagay ng pagalan buti nga sa iyu karma yan hahahaha XD basta bading parin si decade ginulpi niya idol na si kuuga at pink pa kulay ni decade

  4. wala yan says:

    wala siya kwenta kuwawa naman yun idol ko kuuga sana sumonod na bago reamake na rider gawin naman nila tama hindi katulad ng decade

    • Alvin says:

      You are an immature asshole. This is from my friend Monsutta:

      If you are a tv show fan, you should also be aware and concerned on how media politics is manipulating you as a viewer and a consumer. Don’t be so too cool or confident of what you see on tv, because they are all just made to catch your attention (one famous adage:not all things that glitter are made of gold.) However it is not too late Mr. wala yan to become more perceptive on what you see in broadcast media. I commented about GMA network tagging Toei’s tag, because it creates impact to the show’s credibility. Like, does Toei always put its trademark underneath its every produced show’s titlescreen? What I know is that TOEI places its video logo/official trademark (triangle, with japanese characters and background that is a scenery where waves bump against boulders) before a titlescreen, more often found only in their special/theatrical movies. Its like detecting a fake product just by checking the look and position of the manufacturer’s logo. It shows how a network devise a dirty tactic to convince the gullible (are you?) that a syndicated concept was acknowledged/official (fortunately, I was spared.

      And let me reinstate my post about Decade:
      Decade was not an antihero, in a way. He needs to destroy other worlds to prevent it on eventually destroying each other. And that’s the main question right now. Will he fulfill his real purpose of destroying the Kamen Riders, or he will eventually convince them to change that destiny? But what if Tsukasa will tell his true purpose to the other Riders while fighting them?

      Wow. BIG PURPOSE=BIG SACRIFICE. What a hero he was.

      At hindi mo pa napanood ang 1st episode ng Kamen Rider Decade SUBBED.

  5. bahala kayu dalawa diyan ayaw ng gulo omg

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