GMA to Destroy Shaider

Philippine TV network GMA is about to make their own version of the tokusatsu classic Shaider. The genius director they’ve chosen for the job? Dominic Zapata, the same guy who ripped off Sailormoon and denied it. The show will replace GMA’s short-lived Indiana Jones/Lara Croft double ripoff Asian Treasures. Oh yeah, all this rehashing and […]Click here to continue reading "GMA to Destroy Shaider"...

GMA to Destroy Shaider

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1,543 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “GMA to Destroy Shaider”
  1. grrrr wag mo bastusin si dacede wag ka manood yan kung ayaw kasa zaidork mo baduy at laus na

  2. wala yan says:

    wala kwenta yan decade alam mo bakit inaaway niya lahat na mask rider yun idol ko si kuuga kinuwawa niya .well zaido are great you know kayu mga antai wala kayu kwenta bakit hindi naman pinakingan ng tukatsu yun pagiging antai zaido ninyu kasi may permit yun zaido kahit badoy may permit yun kung inaway yun zaido wala kayu mapapala. kung siniraan ninyu ang zaido damay rin ang Tuei. kasi kasali sila <:[

  3. x215 says:

    hoy sino kanaman idont care your name is wala yan kind of retard to me decade are strongest to all riders he ability plus all riders you are retard zaida kinda stupid annoying in the word.

  4. Alvin says:

    Decade was not an antihero, in a way. He needs to destroy other worlds to prevent it on eventually destroying each other. And that’s the main question right now. Will he fulfill his real purpose of destroying the Kamen Riders, or he will eventually convince them to change that destiny? But what if Tsukasa will tell his true purpose to the other Riders while fighting them?

    Wow. BIG PURPOSE=BIG SACRIFICE. What a hero he was.

    And I have watched the 1st 5 episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. They have used some scenes from Ryuki but RARELY. Most of the fight scenes were AWESOME, especially the bike stunts from episode 5. And we got a protagonist (Kit Taylor) who learns and trains how to be a hero and not a guy who learns how to fight after he gets his powers.

  5. alvin musta na po well si dacade hindi siya antai antihero alam ko. . gusto ko makita yun si hibiki at agito T^T sana sila parin actor

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