Good Filipino Web Designers Needed

Marc Macalua is banging his head against his desk looking for good Filipino web designers. Having worked in two web design firms, I sympathize with his plight. Here’s what he needs, but can’t seem to find:

I know I’m aiming high, too high it seems. But that’s the standard I need: a visual monster with a healthy dose of Jakob Nielsen-ish tendencies, a thinking designer if you will. Now the market for that special skill group is incredibly sparse. Factor in the full time requirement and you end up with close to zero hits.

I need someone who’s willing to make that daily commute to a real desk and a real office and unfortunately for me, the good ones that don’t shun the corporate world are already taken.

Any good Filipino web designers in the Philippines who can help him out?

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One Comment on “Good Filipino Web Designers Needed”
  1. Marc says:

    Thanks for the viral push Mike. Hope somebody gets infected…

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