Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends Preview

Filipino comic book creator Jonas Diego presents a preview of Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends, a parody of American politics based on the Saturday morning cartoon Challenge of the Super-Friends.

It’s hilariously goofy and bitingly accurate at the same time. Yes, America, this is how Filipinos see your leaders. Enjoy.

(Via Jayvee Fernandez.)

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2 Comments on “Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends Preview”
  1. CocaFire says:

    NOT completely accurate as some say Hilary should be on the other side… Though she just got in the mix of the Dems which automatically oppose the Bush regime. But big ups to Obama.

    This reminded me of a SNL cartoon I watched called ‘X Presidents’. Its still reeks of retro quality.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Yes, Hillary is my least favorite Dem. Obama ’08, baby.

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