Death Note: Farewell to L

His sacrifice was already foretold in writing. He agonized alone before his betrayer came for him. He even dried the feet of the one who would betray him. This Lenten Season, the anime community mourns the loss of its beloved son: L Lawliet from Death Note.

Part of me is still in shock. I just cosplayed the guy at the Internet Cafe Congress last month.

Goodbye, gentle genius. Justice will prevail.

(I posted another tribute to L at Anime Mashups.)

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43 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Death Note: Farewell to L”
  1. SugarCoatedThumbs says:

    You’re entirely right. I think everyone loves L, I mean there’s no possible way to hate the guy, he’s so freaking awesome. The way he puts pieces of evidence together in such a way that it makes sense even if it doesn’t really make sense is awesome. I’m actually kinda obsessed. I doodle L all the time in notebooks and stuff, and have developed an odd habit of putting my fingers near (and sometimes in) my mouth. Plus he has background music, so yeah. We lost an awesome dude. XP


    • L Lawliet says:

      You’re wrong to say you all lost L……you must not say farewell to me because I’m still here…’re just being hysterical dude……One day you’ll see…..

  2. L Lawliet says:

    Hey Bros……Hello there….L isn’t dead yet because you guys is always remembering him so how would L will be dead or lost if your hearts is with him????maybe your right L is dead but only in anime and DVDs…..I believe Somewhere out in this world…. L is just sitting and watching us while eating his favorite chocolates… don’t be sad it’s not over yet I know in this world Someone have the characteristics,Personalities & Habits….that is the sign that he is L Lawliet,the legendary detective of the New World…..

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