Mobius Recalling Laid-Off Employees?

When Mobius joined the Philippines’ big-name game wave of 2007 with Eve Online, I wondered how it could enter the race after laying off half its people last year.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when an informant told me today that Mobius is recalling ex-employees, offering 20-35% pay raises above their previous or existing jobs. They’re starting with ex-employees currently being recruited by competitors, and then those already working for competitors.

Either way, they’ll have some seriously bruised egos to soothe: some have already declined the offer. Besides that, they’ll have to convince ex-employees they won’t just lay them off again. Most of those Mobius does manage to pirate back from competitors will probably be in it for money and not for love of the industry — in other words, not the best of the batch.

Mobius President Jojo Anonuevo neither confirms nor denies the recall — but he does agree that Mobius will need more people soon, and can pay for them with fresh cash from GE Money. While I don’t have high hopes for this recall, anything that could spark a bidding war for gaming industry talent can only be a good thing.

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