Filipina Cosplayers as Dolls

Filipina gamer-blogger-cosplayer babes Alodia Gosiengfiao (right) and Nejin (left) cosplay ball-jointed dolls. More photos after the jump. See, this is the power of the gamer-blogger-cosplayer combination in models who appeal to the rising geek culture. If it weren’t for these particular girls’ high geek credibility, I wouldn’t even mention their girly dollies on my blog. […]Click here to continue reading "Filipina Cosplayers as Dolls"...

Filipina Cosplayers as Dolls

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46 Comments on “Filipina Cosplayers as Dolls”
  1. lol says:

    uhhh….okay… guys are scary..but … I envy Mike for beibg close to alodia..*sigh*… well..i think people hate most most who they envy I HATE YOU TOO MIKE…JK…. and to the posers..get a life….she may be a hell lot better than ya..but that doesn’t make ya “worthless” or does it???

  2. lol says:

    siopao master…. why was afc deleted..or disbanded…. just when i was starting to feel fanboyish

  3. wikimaker says:

    Alodia’s wikipedia site is being nominated for deletion. this was nominated by an autobot (hindi ito kalaban ng transformers). If you have more information about Alodia, you can expand her wiki for it to be removed from the possible deletion list.

  4. Ma. Ugat says:

    pansin niyo ba, maugat kamay ni Alodia? ano kaya ginagawa niya sa mga kamay niya? tingnan niyo itong pic na ito. makikita niyo ung mga ugat niya.

  5. wikimaker says:

    sadly Alodia’s wikipedia page has been deleted.

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