Interview with Filipina FHM Gamer Babe

Joey Alarilla interviews Filipina FHM gamer babe Sofie Garrucho. Dammit, what is it with chicks and Kingdom Hearts?Click here to continue reading "Interview with Filipina FHM Gamer Babe"...

Interview with Filipina FHM Gamer Babe

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9 Comments on “Interview with Filipina FHM Gamer Babe”
  1. thanks mike 🙂 yeah, it’s a mystery heh 🙂

  2. Coil says:

    If you guys dont know, then you havent played Kingdom Hearts yet.

    *fangirl squeal

  3. anonymous says:

    damn. her top slipped a bit almost showed off her boobs! nag adjust pa. she didnt wear a bra in her interview ba mike? hehehe

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