ABS-CBN Takes Down More YouTube Clips

Ailing Philippine TV network ABS-CBN continues to shoot itself in the foot — this time, by ordering a takedown of YouTube clips from its cheesy tearjerker show Maalala Mo Kaya (Can You Remember).

I could go on and on about how happy I am to watch these n00bs commit suicide, but I won’t. I’ll just laugh while Filipino YouTube Directors continue to climb the charts.

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20 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “ABS-CBN Takes Down More YouTube Clips”
  1. Kamen Rider Honou says:

    Magandang gabi po. Kami po ni Kamen Rider XIII ay nananawagan sa mga Kapalmuk-yucks na umalis na sa page ni Sir Mike kasi naco-contaminate ng kabulukan yung page niya.

  2. sana mag kaisa lahat ng OFW sabuhong mundo at sumali na pigilan ang mga balakit ng kasaluyang pangulo na maka sarili at matuto tayo na pumili ng tamang pangulo hindi kurakot at hindi pangsariling kapakanan ang uunahin kaya pabor ako sa ilinunsad ninyong voto mo ipatrol mo ako ang simula dito po ako sa RIYADH

  3. Ernest Nam says:

    Dear Sir
    I came to the Philippines in Feb 2009 and married a young lady from San Vincete Panabo City since then I have been trying to get her here to Australia were’ve had a few set backs but after many 1000s of pesos we seemed to be on the right path.I came back there in April this year hoping to finalise our paperwork we rented a house in imus Cavite for a couple of months and all my wife and her children needed was their medical I came home and my Wife and children went back to San Vincente but since then things have gone down hill badly I cannot contact my wife because her Aunties have been harrasing her about whether i can support her or not I told her never to let anybody know what support I have given her (750000p+)and now she has had to go to work in Davao to support her Mum 250p per day. The last I heard from her she said Laurie “remember I will always be your wife”I cant talk as my Aunties are angry since then I find it impossible to make contact I sent her a card for her birthday 14th June but I dont think it was given to her I am worried that this young Lady is in a situation where she cant get out of I dont know where she is nor will anybody tell me.This all started when her Aunties said to her why hasnt he brought you a house or your mum a house from then I have been held to randsome.I was quite willing to buy Mum a house when my wife was here but in our names so that it couldnt be sold on Mum by anybody that she got into debt with but after 2 years My wife seems to just disappeared and no site nor sound she has to be in trouble although she has 4 brothers and a sister they are not willing to help Mum not even with 35p per day each and Mums sisters wont help her it all falls back on my wife who has 2 children and a niece who we have offerd to adopt and give her a life here,Its one of our Son’s birthday tomorrow Angeloo his 8 and I didnt send him a card because I know he would never have got it these children call me Dad and have always since 2009 they have nothing and now for this to happen I wonder if they are well cared for as on 250p a day to keep 5 ( 2 adults and 3 children )in a small 18 foot by 10 foot bungalow or shed if you gave it its right name with no running water or bathroom or drinking water and most of them sleep on the floor . Plus I dont think my wife goes home during the week or what ever days she works I offered to pay her to say home 3 times the ammount she gets paid but I cant get an answer I’m worried out of my wits and I want to come there but where does one start to look I think she works 6 days a week and I dont think that would pay rent and power any help would be appreciated the last phone number I had for her was a frends but now that doesnt answer 093030354444 PLEASE HELP,
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  4. Ernest Nam says:

    I have heard from My Wife and she has said that She has finally told her relatives what She wants to do and that is come to Australia and be Family. She has given up work because she was getting so tired so we have decided to rent a house in Panabo so that when I go over this comming month we will all be together once more .I will be able to spend 3 months with my Family there and hope we can get all our paperwork Finalised ,when we are all here in Australia then we will start to purchase a home for Mum and pay the mortage from here My Wife no longer worries what her aunties think which is a blessing so now only Time will tell Thank you ABS CBN for having this site for the normal layman to let people know their story .
    Regards Ernest Nam

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