AMDG Acquires SEA License for Lineage II

After almost a year of courtship, South Korean game development giant NCsoft and Philippine publisher Asian Media Development Group have closed a $5.5-M deal to distribute Lineage II not just in the Philippines, but across Southeast Asia. The exclusive $5.5-million marketing and distribution deal with the South Korean company marks the first time that NCsoft […]Click here to continue reading "AMDG Acquires SEA License for Lineage II"...

AMDG Acquires SEA License for Lineage II

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150 Comments on “AMDG Acquires SEA License for Lineage II”
  1. BurningPhoenix says:

    Hello guys matagal na akong naglalaro ng Lineage2 4 1/2 years (PRO L2) na !!,, nag try din akong mag join sa L2 sea Phil. pero satining ko dina ako bagay doon dami kasi newbie ehh. heheh at minsan nakakainis dahil sa makukutit at na PK-ko (kill),Now i played L2sea for 5 days heheh and leave Cuz im in Private server and SERVERING STATUS NA KASI AKO(MAKING OWN SERVER!! XD) KAYA SAINYO NAYAN!! marami pang L2 server sa mundo noh.. 😀
    than you for your time readimg my thread
    take care by:

    phil.legendary L2 player/programer/ADMINE

  2. butch says:

    This is an open letter to Mr. Aquino of AMDG Philippines. I’m a lineage 2 player since April this year and have been an avid fan. But I need to tell you that you have GMs who play in game and abuse their authorities.

    I just had an encounter with Palin18 – a self-confessed GM in the Blackbird server. Palin18 account has been deleted as I have not been able to contact it nor is it registered as not online as the case for ordinary players.

    Anyway, this GM “Palin18” provoked me by hitting me from the back and when I hit back, this character uses GODMODE. I was also threatened that my account will be erased, I’m already flagging here my account “butchreyes96” just in case this GM follows through with the threat. I have used the petiton system in-game and as expected no reply from the GM.

    I hope the leadership of AMDG / Iplayasia audits their employees and sees to it that their show professionalism in their work, if they play, they shouldn’t abuse their authority over the players in the server.

    I know this isn’t the forum for this but need to air out my sentiments…

    I’ll also lodege a formal letter of complaint to AMDG.

    Thank you.

  3. FU says:

    AMDG just scammed the whole l2 sea players. L2 server in SEA just closed leaving players money, time and effort into waste.

  4. mom says:

    eh there is no Lineage 2 in sea be coz of poor performance of AMDG

  5. jhincen says:

    ka badtrip tlga amdg.. sayang lang ang pag hihirap namen… l2 padin pinaka maganda online game..

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