Fight Pics from Blog Parteeh ’07!

None of my flamers had the guts to fight me at Blog Parteeh ’07, so I fought with popular Filipino bloggers instead. I was going to fight Jayvee Fernandez, but he was taking the pictures.

Migs Paraz

Here I am kicking Migs Paraz in the gut — by way of introduction.

Kevin Codamon

Here I am punching Kevin Codamon in the face. In retribution, his babes ravished me that night.

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15 Comments on “Fight Pics from Blog Parteeh ’07!”
  1. jun says:

    all hell broke loose after the parteeh… sort of…. we had to have a dramatic ending right?

    I think this is going to be a tradition… Flamers are so lame now… blog ger fights anyone?

    PS: Nice meeting you mike =)

  2. Nurikane says:

    Hmmmm? I have a question. Are you willing to fight [stand-up or MMA] in the ring?

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