Animated Windows XP Girl

Japanese otaku affectionately anthropomorphize Windows versions as cute female mascots called OS-tans. With Vista shipping in a few weeks, let’s give one last hurrah for the pretty and bouncy XP-tan.

You can guess which part of an OS-tan’s anatomy corresponds to her memory requirements. I can’t wait to see Vista-tan.

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20 Comments on “Animated Windows XP Girl”
  1. Dennis says:

    Guys. How you can be so idiots ??? ITS NOT A SOFTWERE !
    OS tans was disinged as anime-symbols of OSes .
    & this just flash animation !
    … maybe some day later someone will wright the soft . but for now > ITS JUST SYBMOLS of OSes

  2. Silver Angel says:

    Yeah i know that so just calm down jesus don’t get so angry man…

  3. jovian says:

    wot is the name of the porgram for that, and were can i get it?

  4. crazyman says:

    ok so MS made a windows 7 tan one I want to see one for Xp tan :p

    sorry for digging up an old post but I thought this relevant.

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