Edelman: Asians Read Blogs More Than Americans

Edelman just released its fourth whitepaper on blogging (PDF). The study confirms something I’ve suspected for almost a year now: Asians read blogs more than Americans do. Steve Rubel notes:

One of the biggest takeaways is that blog readership is far higher in Asia than it is in the US. Some 74% of Japanese read blogs, followed by 43% in South Korea and 39% in China. In the US, it’s about 27% and its even less in Europe.

Another key point: the mainstream media is getting more and more stories from blogs. The Derivative Myth has not only been debunked, it’s been reversed.

The study also shows influencers read blogs. That means if you’re reading this, you’re probably an influencer. Go you.

P.S.: Thanks to Philippine Edelman affiliate Eon for helping ArtFarm Asia’s Mina Caliguia. Eon’s Robert de Quelen coordinated swift action in response to Mina’s blog comment, via BlackBerry from Paris over the Holidays. Now that’s responding to the blogosphere.

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One Comment on “Edelman: Asians Read Blogs More Than Americans”
  1. paenggoy says:

    The derivative myth applies only to a few blogs. Most feed on those and pass data around.

    Also, with peak oil, web logs might not last. Even alternative energy sources will be barely enough to power up present and increasing demand for electricity.

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