Level Up Drops Splash Page and Autoplay Annoyance, Still No RSS

Two weeks ago, I pointed out that the homepage of top Philippine online game publisher Level Up featured an infantile splash page and annoying autoplaying video. I’m glad to see they’ve removed both.

Now, all they need are RSS feeds, and they’ll actually have a decent site. Who knows, if I see enough good stuff from them in my RSS reader, I might even plunk a few Xfire hours into RF Online (gasp!).

When they’ve put up those RSS feeds, they should try getting their own YouTube account. Their Christmas promo vid had to go through Hackenslash’s YouTube account — on New Year’s Day. Talk about being late to the party, and by proxy at that.

Level Up is a game publisher, not a Web publisher. Their Web content exists to promote their games, and promotional content works best when made viral. You don’t make content viral by portalizing it for stickiness. You make content viral by widgetizing it for syndication.

Here’s my challenge to Level Up: if you come up with at least one decent RSS feed for your site, I will post a nice little widget for it on this blog. My readers can take that widget and repost it on their blogs. That’s free viral marketing for you guys.

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8 Comments on “Level Up Drops Splash Page and Autoplay Annoyance, Still No RSS”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Level Up’s contact details are here, Jett.

  2. bl4d3 says:

    tikimusic.. let me rephrase your statement..
    How to market online? use Friendster, Yahoo mail, or similar places where they can chat and share pictures and another cheaper and offline option is to distribute flyers and posters in Internet cafes.
    ..there, love to post longer but my pre paid cards out 😉 lol

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