Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers

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Game Lemons presents its list of top ten hottest girl gamers. These babes are actual hardcore gamers, and I wouldn’t mind pwning any of them. Wonder when Philippine game publishers will truly maximize the potential of gamer babes. (Via Kevin Codamon.)Click here to continue reading "Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers"...

Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers

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7 Comments on “Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers”
  1. jepoy says:

    local publishers prefer “babes” who don’t even play games dammit. As long as they’re sexy, popular. ~_~

  2. polidread says:

    maybe locally, the really pretty ones would rather stay anonymous, and focus on the games they play instead ?

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    Not all of them, Polidread. Alodia achieves both fame and game.

    Filipina gamer babes shouldn’t wait for Philippine game publishers to get a clue. By that time, they’ll be gamer grannies. They should use social media to connect directly with fellow gamers.

  4. polidread says:

    but isnt playing the game (if it’s a MMOG)already a way to connect with others? and if it’s a Fighting game like Tekken or Soul Calibur being played on a public arcade, isnt that a very direct interaction with another gamer?

    For those who’d rather be anonymous, it may be all about the game and not the fame.

  5. nascent26 says:

    I wish there were Pinays there. Alodia is the only Pinay gamer famous enough to be included in the list. Hey, why don’t you make one for local gamer babes, Mike?

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