Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers

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Game Lemons presents its list of top ten hottest girl gamers. These babes are actual hardcore gamers, and I wouldn’t mind pwning any of them.

Wonder when Philippine game publishers will truly maximize the potential of gamer babes.

(Via Kevin Codamon.)

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7 Comments on “Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers”
  1. issai says:

    i used to be a gamer, it’s sad but I gave it up. I was pretty good at counter strike, gunbound, and warcraft III: TFT before. Ask my enemies hehe. I also loved tekken. But sadly, I had to do give it up since my life has been busy. It was always exciting when you were in college. But now faced with more responsibilities, that took the backseat. But every once in a while, I pick up my ps2 controller and just play the night away. More power to female gamers!! It’s no longer a guys world. Women gave the web a new life. Since women started to get into web2.0, it’s no longer for the geeks and nerds. Web2.0 is actually cool! Thank you mike.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Issai: You’re welcome. Game on! 🙂

    Nascent26: Like you said, Alodia is the only Pinay gamer famous enough to be included in the list. Don’t worry: if any others earn my attention, you’ll see them here. 😉

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