Rid the Philippines of N00bs!

Filipino tech blogger Jepoy Bengero posts his predictions for 2007. Number two is especially sigh-inducing. More Filipino idiots will be online, and would be jumping into international message boards showing how stupid they are, dragging us with them. With twenty million Filipinos going online in 2007, he’s probably right. This is why I’m brutal to […]Click here to continue reading "Rid the Philippines of N00bs!"...

Rid the Philippines of N00bs!

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27 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Rid the Philippines of N00bs!”
  1. Guley says:

    If you’re referring to n00bs as an institution then I might agree with you. You have a link for everything. 😛 Happy Maundy Thursday!

  2. monicker says:

    for a second, i thought you were mike villar. lol

  3. tikimusic says:

    Fifty percent of Filipinos cannot complete schooling due to poverty. (Per capita income is only around a thousand dollars a year, and Filipinos can afford to spend only around 100 dollars per student per year.) Schooling consists of an average class size of 60 and having no roofs, electricity, potable water, books, desks, or principals. The UNDP reports that at least 40 percent of children are undernourished.

    The solution is not to provide more computers (as it is, only around 60 percent of the country has sufficient electricity, and only around 15 percent of roads are paved) but to focus on small, community-based schools, provide cheap instructional materials for reading, writing, and arithmetic, and use radio (and to a limited extent, television, since according to the UNDP less than 20 percent of Filipinos have access to either, as well as to newspapers) and printed materials. We have to do this because that’s the only thing we can afford given a hundred dollars per child a year.

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    Hand over the next generation to mass-media interests? I think not.

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