Rid the Philippines of N00bs!

Filipino tech blogger Jepoy Bengero posts his predictions for 2007. Number two is especially sigh-inducing. More Filipino idiots will be online, and would be jumping into international message boards showing how stupid they are, dragging us with them. With twenty million Filipinos going online in 2007, he’s probably right. This is why I’m brutal to […]Click here to continue reading "Rid the Philippines of N00bs!"...

Rid the Philippines of N00bs!

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27 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Rid the Philippines of N00bs!”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Remember to say a little prayer for the soul of each n00b you pwn.

  2. over9000 says:

    I feel your sentiments. I frequent a net cafe which everyone is a e-games (in general) saavy player. They can be level 40 whatever and be the lords of their realms that they own. When it comes to searching for a program to view a certain video file they want to see and downloading said program, utter N00b.

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