ABS-CBN Pulls Pinoy Dream Academy Clips Off YouTube

The big media companies shouldn’t worry that people will post their copyrighted material on YouTube. They should worry that people will post their own stuff on YouTube, and audiences will watch that instead. — Paul Graham. Ailing Philippine TV network ABS-CBN aggravates its problems by having clips from their show Pinoy Dream Academy pulled off […]Click here to continue reading "ABS-CBN Pulls Pinoy Dream Academy Clips Off YouTube"...

ABS-CBN Pulls Pinoy Dream Academy Clips Off YouTube

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42 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “ABS-CBN Pulls Pinoy Dream Academy Clips Off YouTube”
  1. I have nothing against ABS – CBN. But one question I would address to that network: Why are you pulling out all that posted videos on YouTube? Is it really the copyright that matters, or your interests and profits?

    I would say, you used to be my favorite channel and network. But when I found out what you did to FALSE VOICE after putting up/ promoting Charice on YouTube, I was thinking otherwise.

    I was also promoting one friend on YouTube and Imeem, Little Big Star Season 2 Champ, Angellie Urquico. It is imperative for me to help promote this young talent internationally as her mom requested me to post her songs on YouTUbe. But I won’t ever dare to post Angellie’s ABS-CBN performances for good reasons. I would rather upload videos that i’ve taken myself. First, I don’t want to be infringing any copyrights (as you’ve claimed on False Voice’s videos). Second, the credits would be mine (and of course, the organizers/ companies responsible for the show). I have several Angellie’s performances, but those were taken during her Pre-LBS2 guestings and competitions. Better be safe than never.

    In fact, I have several videos with the contents I created and copyrighted myself, but still I posted it on YouTube for entertainment and educational purposes. My reason for this is simple: I want to show what I could do, and share them or pass on to the next generation, as a form of a legacy. I wouldn’t care that much for profit. What I really cared the most is people’s enjoyment and appreciation of my works.

    So again, to ABS – CBN, sana ‘wag nyong tanggalin ang mga videos nyo sa YouTube. Give your talents a break to be known Internationally. Kawawa naman sila, lalo na yung hindi nyo naman nabibigyan ng projects, tulad nung nanalo sa “Little Division” ng Litlle Big Star 2 (nakausap ko yung nanay nung bata, at plano nilang lumipat sa GMA 7.)

    Sana magising na kayo. If you’re really into public service and helping others is one of your goals, then prove it! Start with your very own talents….

    SoundMagik Home Studio (Philippines)
    Site Creator, TEEN MODELS 2007

  2. David says:

    I’d never heard of ABS-CBN till they had a video on my youtube account removed. It was a 20 year old music video from a British band that only made one album and one video. Admittedly I didn’t own the copywrite to it, but neither did ABS-CBN. For some reason they didn’t bother to remove the dozens of other copy’s of the video that many other youtube users uploaded. Genius… freaking genius.

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    Unfortunately, David, ABS-CBN likes to pull down stuff they don’t even own.

  4. DAVID, that video might have relevance to ABS-CBN. They might have made a remake or cover of that song that clicked, or use that in their tele-novela or any of their commercials. But if that’s the case, they should’ve asked the original owner of the video or the song, otherwise they could be facing copyright infringement themselves. What is the title of the song and the British band concern? I might be able to do some research for you?

    It is just quite scary what ABS-CBN has been doing these days. That’s why I’m afraid to use some items and materials that may have similarities with their works, though they doesn’t own the copyrights. For example, logos and names that is synonymous to ABS-CBN; or abbreviations near to any of their affiliated organizations. Or shows that were particularly similar or related to them.

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