A Tale of Two Filipina Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer Babes

While Level Up is irritating one gamer-blogger-cosplayer babe, ABS-CBN Interactive is pleasing another. Jac Ting Lim, who’s cosplaying a character from Level Up’s RF Online at AME Matsuri today, can’t even get online in RF Online. WTF?? Now I’m getting this message: “Not a subscribing user. would you like to subsribe?” Whaddayamean I’m not a […]Click here to continue reading "A Tale of Two Filipina Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer Babes"...

A Tale of Two Filipina Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer Babes

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3 Comments on “A Tale of Two Filipina Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer Babes”
  1. Jose de Peralta says:

    As to Miss Jac unable to enter rfonline you need to load at least a 50php or a 75php levelup load int
    o your account at Top Up or My Level UP sites at the rfonline websites. As a computer does the verification of top ups a 20php
    load is still not considered an subscribing member. Only when a player loads a 100php card load then the acct is considered a su
    and valid acct.

    I am an rf player since it’s start and I have heard all the gripes on top up. try a 75php load and enjoy rf. Regretfully as Miss Jac seems to emulate a Cora character , I hold an Accretian character and well as the Chip Wars go We have been sweeping Cora players relentlessly.

    Thank you and I hope I have not ruffled any feathers anywhere

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