First Vista Ad: Boring

The first Vista ad. I don’t know about you guys, but an ad that vaguely promises to “connect with other partners to offer complete solutions” and “give consumers a spectrum of exciting capabilities” while a bunch of actors prance about with mindless smiles just doesn’t turn me on. It asks me to “see the difference” […]Click here to continue reading "First Vista Ad: Boring"...

First Vista Ad: Boring

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6 Comments on “First Vista Ad: Boring”
  1. Majandi says:

    Hey, as long as there is no serious alternative, Microsoft doesn’t really need to care about advertising for Vista.

    I guess its more or less just the information:

    “Hey, folks! Vista is comming up so take care that you all buy the new compatible hardware in time and yeah, sure, course things are gonna be better, faster, fatter and all. Peace. Eat it or die.”

  2. ade says:

    Of course, we can’t expect hip from Microsoft. 😛

  3. ade says:

    Also, the BG music is annoying!

  4. Monkeylove says:

    You mean you need an ad to give you a compelling reason to upgrade to a particular software? He he he.

  5. Monkeylove says:

    The XP ad was better.

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