Filipina Models Blogging

As Alodia Gosiengfiao and Shoko Nakagawa have proven, blogging is good for your modeling career. That’s why these girls are on the right track.

Check out UrFame, a group of Filipina models blogging on WordPress and photoblogging on Flickr.

We are a group of models from the Philippines who believe in group communication and whose photographic projects you see here are self-contained.

We photograph each other and do our own hairstyles and make-up applications. We use the principle of group consensus to decide what kinds of photographic styles we use, and about details of the individual photographs we take and display.

Self-published babes rock. They should videoblog on YouTube, too. They could even become Filipino YouTube Directors.

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4 Comments on “Filipina Models Blogging”
  1. mysiraylon says:

    I love reading on this blog, just like I am home.

  2. Anne says:

    Blogging is good for sure, Joining communities is also a good thing. The internet is offering many opportunites now and and nothing has to be neglected when we try to build an image for ourselves.

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