Wikipedia: Borat President of Kazakhstan

See, this is why I love Wikipedia. For two minutes the other day, Borat was President of Kazakhstan — in a protected revision, no less. Figures: Google Trends says he’s more popular than the country itself.

Come to think of it, he’s smarter than some presidents we know. Can I say we support your war of terror!

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4 Comments on “Wikipedia: Borat President of Kazakhstan”
  1. That’s why people should never take Wikipedia as gospel. They already made major and serious mistakes in the past, and they will continue to do so. What’s more, if you corrected the wrong information, they will revert it back because you can’t produce an evidence – whether you are that person or you are working for that company.

    People should learn, especially the Filipinos that Wikipedia should be at the bottom of their “resource list”.

    Their system is flawed, and this has been proven in the past, and new cases will continue to crop out to further prove it.

  2. saad says:

    HAHAHA, i live in kazakhstan! and i think thats fucking awesome! hahahahahah! i love it x

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