Hanep Hataw Hero 2006 Anime Convention

H3 2006

Hanep Hataw Hero 2005 was a pretty damn big anime convention, so I have high expectations for Hanep Hataw Hero 2006. Since Filipino anime fans are a connected bunch, Hero TV’s Eric Go should do what TechCrunch does: promote a unique tag for all social media related to this event. Fans would use that tag for all related media they post on blogs, Flickr, YouTube, et cetera. That way, Hero can automatically encourage, aggregate, promote, and track consumer-generated multimedia online event buzz.

H3 2006 would become the first Philippine event to use a unique social media tag. Considering their online initiatives, I’m sure Eric’s bosses would applaud such innovation. May I suggest H32006.

Update, 90 minutes later: ACPI’s Joy Bacon, who has an anime convention across town on the same day, just called. I’m sending her code snippets to autoaggregate media tagged Toeinty.

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13 Comments on “Hanep Hataw Hero 2006 Anime Convention”
  1. analyn says:

    sna nman pho bigyan nyo n ending ang sugar sugar rune pls! nman pho maganda kc eh!

  2. analyn says:

    sna damihan nyo pa ang anime pra maganda dba ths pho sna pag bigyan nyo pho yun resquest koh tungkol sa sugar sugar rune db!

  3. hello says:

    ei…dugtungan nio naman ng storya ung bokura ga ita ok

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